Chance Encounters in the Valley of Lights
17 July 2021

11th June 1980, Todmorden, West Yorkshire, UK.

Found resting on a pile of coal ten feet high, 20 miles from his home in Tingley, local miner Zygmunt Adamski’s body has no visible injuries except for a mark – perhaps a burn – on the back of his neck and head. Coroner James Turnbull called it “the most mysterious death I have investigated in 12 years as a coroner.”

First on the scene was Todmorden PC Alan Godfrey who, six months later describes seeing a large dome-shaped craft. Blinded by a flash of light, he comes to his senses 100 yards away and with 25 ‘missing’ minutes to account for. On returning home, Godfrey realises his left boot is split and he has an itchy red mark – perhaps a burn – on his foot.

Chance Encounters in the Valley of Lights uses a mix of original photography, archival material and found imagery to further ignite imaginations and theories around this story. Taking in everything from PC Alan Godfrey’s life and encounter, the mysterious death of Adamski, transcripts of interviews and hypnosis sessions, and a myriad of related events and occurrences in what’s claimed to be the UFO hotspot of the UK, Todmorden, West Yorkshire.

Published by CentreCentre